Namibia COVID-19 Information

  • The Government of Namibia has implemented the following restrictions in response to the pandemic: closure of most land borders for tourism purposes (Only Katima Mulilo, Ariamsvlei, and Noordoewer border posts and Walvis Bay Harbor can be used for tourist entries by land and sea).
  • The number of attendees at public gatherings  is deceased to 50 people for June 2021.  Organizers must keep registers of attendance and ensure that hand sanitizer is available, face masks are used, and social distancing is practiced.  
  • Grocery stores remain well-stocked.
  • A nationwide curfew is in place between 10:00 pm and 4:00 am daily.
  • Sale of alcohol for on-site consumption (shebeens, bars, nightclubs, gambling houses, casinos and restaurants) is allowed from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, Mondays to Saturdays.  No sale of alcohol is allowed on Sundays and Public Holidays. From February 25th, liquor may be sold to and purchased on Sundays and public holidays by guests booked in or staying at establishments such as hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast facilities and casinos.
  • Salons, beauty parlours, hairdressers, pools, spas, gyms, studios, and fitness canters shall practice public health measures. Both the service providers and clients must wear masks, sanitize, and maintain social distancing. 
  • All non-urgent medical procedures are postponed. Visitations to hospitalized patients is limited to 2 close relatives per visit for no more than ten minutes per visit.
  • Vulnerable persons are advised to stay at home, except for attending to essential needs.