Cargo Operations at HKIA

24 Aug 2023

Following the return to normal at HKIA earlier this week, and the concurrent cargo embargo from some airlines serving the airport, NAC is pleased to confirm a return to normal operations in this regard as well.

The airport has been going through a transition period since Saturday 19 August 2023 and - in the highly regulated industry of aviation - consultations, engagement, and cooperation between various stakeholders about cargo handling had to be undertaken.

NAC, as the principal operator of the airport, announces that while the new ground services provider Paragon awaits their accreditation for European-specific export cargo (ACC3 / RA3), airlines have resumed cargo movements. Accreditation for RA3-approved cargo is provided only after actual operations are observed by the person(s) conducting the audit and could therefore not be obtained prior to the change in  the ground-handling service provider.

Imports and exports through HKIA are active and direct exports to the EU can only happen once the ACC3 RA3 certification is attained. However, these exports can still be processed through alternative routes such as Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Luanda, or Doha, for the EU zone.

Paragon has to date handled cargo for Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways , Airlink and TAAG Angola, since Saturday 19 August 2023.

Despite a temporary suspension by SAA, they recommenced with this service on Wednesday 23 August 2023. Consultations with Airlink, Eurowings Discover and Qatar Airways are advanced in this regard.

NAC appreciates the co-operation of all stakeholders in airport management  operations and encourages continued engagements and consultations during this transition period.