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Luderitz Airport


About this NAC Airport

Luderitz Airport, also in the spacious Karas Region is situated among the dunes and close to the ghost town of Kolmasnskop, a prominent tourist’s destination.

The Airport gives you timely access to  see the Luderitz’ colonial architecture, including some Art Nouveau work, and  the area’s unique wildlife which includes seals, penguins, flamingos, wild horses and ostriches, amongst others.

For your convenience and safety, the Airport boasts a revamped Fire Station as well as a Terminal Building.




Runway information

Runway Category : 3
Runway Length : 1 830 m
Runway Width : 30 m
Secondary Runway Length : 1 193 m
Secondary Runway Width : 30 m
Fire Fighting Category : 4

Fuel information

The NAC have contracted the following service providers for efficient supply of fuel to the airlines at Lüderitz Airport: Jet A1 fuel, AV Gas by SEC.



Refuelling facility

Contact Details

Contact Info

PO Box 927, Lüderitz, Namibia

Phone: +264 (0) 63 202 035
Fax: +264 (0) 63 202 027