21 Nov 2019

On Thursday, 21 November, NAMCOR unveiled a fuel facility at the entrance to Hosea Kutako International Airport, which was constructed through a smart partnership/Built Operate and Transfer (BOT) between NAMCOR and NAC.

“ In pursuant to our efforts to drive non aeronautical revenue, this project is testimony of generating revenue from land leases to enable the airport not to continuously rely on aeronautical revenue but to sustain its business model as airlines are burdened with heavy operational costs therefore, there is a need for airports to diversify our revenue streams to ease the pressure” said NAC Board of Directors Chairman Dr Leake Hangala in an address delivered by Ms. Josephine Soroses, HR Strategic Executive.

Hangala added that “equally, such initiatives are in line with best practices in the aviation industry as fuel facilities do not form part of our core business and opportunities such as these are offered to retailers to render their best offerings”.

Smart public private partnerships are not only earmarked for Hosea Kutako International Airport; investment opportunities of this nature are extended to other strategic airports namely: Eros, Walvis Bay and Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Airports. NAC is hereby pleased to inform the business community that it has ample land available for infrastructure development in the areas of cargo development, warehousing, hotel development and conferencing and other business ventures such as the provision of motor vehicle refuelling facilities amongst others. Similarly, innovative ideas to turn our airports into aero cities are encouraged in line with the Public Procurement Act to stimulate economic development to the surrounding communities.