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About this NAC Airport

Another strategic location among the three Rivers, The Katima Mulilo Airport offers you a delightful landing in the heart of the tropical Zambezi Region. In addition to the Zambezi River, the region is  marked by Cuando  and Chobe rivers.

Flights to Katima Mulilo Airport can take you even close to about 450 animal species, including  the renowned Big Five; making the Zambezi Region a popular game-watching spot through parks such as the  Bwabwata, Mamili and Mudumu National Parks.

Landing at Katima Mulilo Airport also connects to Victoria Falls as well as the Kavango delta in Botswana.

Airport services includes a  reliable fuel services given rise to many refueling stops for traffic from South Africa en route to  other parts of the  African continent with  customs and Immigration  services available on  call at the  Katima Mulilo Airport.




Runway information

Runway Category : 4
Runway Length : 2 292 m
Runway Width : 30 m
Fire Fighting Category : 3

Fuel information

The NAC have contracted the following service providers for efficient supply of fuel to the airlines at Katima Mulilo Airport: Jet A1 fuel, AV Gas by SEC.



Re-fuelling  services
Retail (food & beverage)

Contact Details

Contact Info

PO Box 1811, Katima Mulilo, Namibia

Phone: +264 (0) 66 254 404
Fax: +264 (0) 66 254 405