The Namibia Airports Company staff and associates shall maintain a high code of conduct, professionalism, transparency and neutrality in making procurements, irrespective of the value of the procurements. Conflict of interest situations involving staff/associates and their families, business associates and friends shall be avoided or declared. In the event of possible conflicts of interest being foreseen, immediate disclosure of such potential interest must be made to the incumbent’s supervisor. No gratuities, favours or anything of monetary value other than token gifts may be solicited or accepted from contractors or potential contractors.

All procurement transactions shall be conducted in the manner to provide, to the maximum extent practical, open and free competition, the most appropriate goods and/or services, including after-sales support, and the best value for money. Any and all offers may be rejected if the above conditions have not been adequately met.

Cleaning Services BID NO: NCS/ONB/NAC-17/2018

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25 Jan 2018


02 Mar 2018

Days Left before deadline


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NAC is herby inviting intresting, reputable and experienced Namibia registered companies to bid for cleaning services at any of the above mentioned airports.